Synopsis Edit

Mathman plays a video game in which he must eat only fractions less than 1/2.

Episode Plot Edit

In what is perhaps the first Mathman segment, he must only eat numbers less than one half. First is 1/3, which is less. Then he approaches 3/4, but he turns it down because it is not less. His success continues with 0/7 and then 1/5, but he makes a mistake by eating 2/3, prompting Glitch to eat him.

Quotes Edit

Announcer: "And beware the evil Mr. Glitch. He will eat you if you are wrong."

Trivia Edit

  • After Mathman wisely rejects 3/4 (which is more than 1/2), the middle of the screen says 2/3, which doesn't come up until the end of this segment. This flaw was corrected, however, when an edited version of the skit aired in Episode 338 of Square One TV.
  • An early version of this (the part where Mathman approaches 1/3) appears briefly in the opening credits, with a very funny-looking early version of Mathman and Glitch.
  • This is the only time the announcer says "When a number crosses your path" instead of "When you encounter a number".
  • Glitch sounds completely different in this episode.
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