Synopsis Edit

Mathman has to say whether the following statements are true or false: You need math only in jobs where you handle money, You don't use math outside of school.

Episode Plot Edit

In this installment, Mathman must dispel math myths regarding where and when math is used. The first is that you only need math in jobs that require handling money, such as being a banker. Mathman points out that there are other jobs in which math is used, such as being a scuba diver, or a choreographer, or an airplane pilot, so the statement is false. The next is that math isn't used outside of school. Mathman gives many examples of how math is used outside of school, but in this season, the amount of time Mathman has to make a decision becomes important. Mathman failed to say false in time, so Glitch eats him, figuring, "Play by the rules, get eaten by the rules." 

Quotes Edit

Glitch: "Ya ran outta time with all that preachin', Mathy!" (evil laugh)

(thunder rumbles)

Mathman: (stammering) "But I was right!"

Glitch: "So? Ya didn't say...'False'."

Mathman: (scared) "Gotta go!"

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