Synopsis Edit

Mr. Glitch has to say whether these are true or false: If you wear glasses you're better at math than if you don't, Tall people are better at math than short ones, Curly-haired people from Cleveland are better at math.

Episode Plot Edit

Mathman is out walking his dog, Mathdog, so Glitch is in his place. Glitch has to determine the truth and falsehood of statements regarding who's better in math. Glitch correctly guesses false on the first two statements (that tall people are better in math than short people and that those who wear glasses are better in math than those who don't) but fails the last statement (Curly-haired people from Cleveland are better at math than anyone else) believing it's true. Mathman points out that it's false, as all sorts of people are good at math, and so Mathdog consumes Glitch.

Trivia Edit

  • It was revealed that Mathman had a dog.
  • This was the only appearance of Mathdog.
  • This was the third time Mr. Glitch filled in for Mathman.
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